Tomorrow is the Destroyer


Brainbheats is the alias of Louisville pianist/composer Brian Healey, for those of you who had him confused with the San Francisco Brainbeats, a different composer/percussionist. This is not the guy who plays drums in Tom Waits’ band; this is the one who plays the piano and then uses the computer to make it sound all fancy. It’s carefully thought out and well-executed experimental piano music. I’m geeky about experimental production methods, so I think Tomorrow is the Destroyer is novel and interesting. I’m sure you will, too, but here’s the rub: I can’t imagine when I would listen to this except when I’m listening to this. I can’t imagine it being your backdrop to paying bills or your gym soundtrack or the record you put on at dinner parties. That’s the point, of course, but it presents a problem for casual listening situations. You have to devote the whole of your attention to the beats, or you’ll hear only tech-y noises, not music.