Foxy Shazam

For those of you wondering whether rock forgot about Queen’s legacy, Foxy Shazam is the reminder you’ve been waiting for. The self-titled, major-label debut from Cincinnati’s maniacal troupe is an ultra-magnetic carnival overflowing with oozing horns, white soul and shout-inducing, Achilles-tearing breakdowns. Opener “Bombs Away” has shades of their previous, Introducing, with singer Eric Sean Nally sneering over dog barks before letting loose shrieks normally heard in a George Romero film. By the time “Bye Bye Symphony” arrives, Foxy’s dragged you by the collar into their glam parade, and you couldn’t be happier about the whiplash. Nally’s lethal combination of arid wit (Life is a bitch, but she’s totally doable) and vocal acrobatics top off the half-dance pyrotechnics on songs like “Connect Me,” “Killin’ It,” and three-quarter swing of “Only Way To My Heart.” Unstoppable indeed.