Farm Fresh

The Howards

There’s a naiveté about The Howards’ debut, Farm Fresh, that instantly makes me call shenanigans on the whole thing. They come off like a storyline from Christopher Guest’s folk mockumentary “A Mighty Wind.” On closer inspection, you’ll notice nothing disingenuous about the Corydon, Ind., duo — they live a simple life, they love playing folk music, but they love each other more. Molly Howard’s angelic voice makes lyrics inconsequential, and this becomes a problem in a stripped-down medium like folk, where lyrics should be the focal point. However, her work on “Every Time My Heart Goes Home” and “Do It Again” is superb. Husband Cameron’s songs are where the album shines. “I Wish Life Was Hard Again” is a glowing ode to his grandfather, and the elastic melody (a derivative of Kenny Rogers’ “The Gambler”) makes it even better.