Congratulations might not stay in queue long, lacking bombastic singles (“Kids”), and that’s too bad. It’s listenable in total, unlike Flaming Lips’ Embryonic. Lyrics float obscurely, sometimes needing bells and whistles to cover up their incongruity to each other and with the music. “Siberian Breaks” dials in at 12-plus minutes with no fewer than four distinct song segments from a dreamy start, to a Pink Floyd prattle, to recursive techno-pop blends barely threaded together, if at all. And that’s the genius here: good exercises in different prog-tech-delic forms married effectively. But is this adventure just intellectualized puffery? Audio mind traps? Good fun? Based on the clash between the music and the odd Sonic Hedgehog cover art, I’d say MGMT wanted all this, and I don’t mind. At once, this album can serve as house-cleaning music, fast-driving music, background-study music and summertime party ambiance.