Three’s company

Wax Fang returns to SXSW with record deal, album in works

Wax Fang might not be a dark horse for long. The band recently signed with Absolutely Kosher records and has been woodshedding for the last couple of months recording a follow-up to the acclaimed La La Land. The last time the Louisville band traveled to SXSW they wound up on BBC host Huw Stephens’ show. Next week marks their third trip to the Austin music festival. Singer/guitarist Scott Carney talks about new material, margaritas and sitting in the director’s chair.

LEO: So Wax Fang has a new record label putting out its next album? Can you tell us about that?

Scott Carney: Yes, it’s called Absolutely Kosher. It’s an indie label out of California. Corey Brown, who runs the label, saw us at South by Southwest last year and offered us a deal, which we recently accepted. They have also picked up our last album, La La Land, as a co-release with our label (Don’t Panic!) and will be releasing it internationally, as well as on vinyl worldwide and handling any CD represses. We hope to have our first true album with them released sometime this fall or winter.

LEO: How is the new material sounding compared with La La Land?

SC: We’re working on three recording projects at the moment: an EP of more upbeat material for this summer, an LP of darker, stranger, more dense material for the fall or winter, and another EP of long-form, heavy, progressive rock numbers for sometime next year.

LEO: Will there be any video of you guys online from All Tomorrows’ Parties (music festival in England) in May?

SC: I hope so. We won’t be shooting any ourselves, but we hope there will be some folks documenting the performances.

LEO: You directed the video for The Whigs, “Like A Vibration.” What’s it like directing friends? Are you shooting anything else these days?

SC: It was great fun. I ran those guys through that song too many times to remember, and they were total sports about it. They were professional and casual at the same time. I’m not shooting anything at the moment. I hope to be making something soon. Perhaps even some new Wax Fang videos.

LEO: Having been there before, what are your expectations from South by Southwest, and how have they changed?

SC: Not much has changed over the years. Having been there three years in a row, I expect to drink a lot of beer, some tequila and an occasional margarita. I can expect to enjoy watching a complete cross-section of the music industry parading around from one venue to the next, hawking their promotional wares to anyone and everyone (who then litter them all over the streets of downtown Austin), whoring themselves out in front of bloggers with sound recorders and video cameras, and then making drunken spectacles of themselves out on Sixth Street come sundown. In between, I can expect to enjoy very few moments of peace and quiet, and sleep very little. Good times!