Hologram Jams

Jaguar Love

First thought: Is this emo-crunk? No way. I guess it wasn’t really a stretch, but I didn’t think these ex-Blood Brothers had the moolah for cocaine. Second thought: Most of it is drum-machine party music, which is fine by me as long as it does its job. Problem: The creative parts (i.e., not choruses) fall flat. From a guitarist who once had such a spastic original style, this is subpar work. Exception: “Cherry Soda” had me screaming with pleasure. Its chorus will eat you alive. Third thought: Sure, I listen to catchy trash when no one is around. That someone spilled that on my favorite half of Blood Brothers doesn’t bother me. Knowing they only made this album because half the band left, and they had no choice but to make simpler party music, however, does. This could’ve been cooler.