Seeds to be Planted, Trees to be Cut

The Parade Schedule

This debut from Louisville’s The Parade Schedule (or more specifically, mastermind Matt Kinder) is a collection of hushed acoustic songs that, at their best, recall Ryan Adams’ dreamy Heartbreaker ballads. Like most albums of this type, Seeds is a little too consistent — there are no real standouts, and some songs seem to just drift pleasantly — but it succeeds on the strength of its evocative, sustained mood, as well as Kinder’s solid songwriting and nimble baritone, a major asset miles away from the fey whisper and affected drawl of other troubadours. The closer “Orchestra” finally breaks the mood, but while recording a piano ballad outdoors at night is intriguing, the track’s harsh digital lo-fi is distracting, and the melody is a little too close to “Fake Plastic Trees” for comfort. Nitpicking aside, Seeds is a very fine and promising debut. The Parade Schedule performs at the 930 Listening Room Saturday, Jan. 23.