Find Our Way

D.A. King

There’s something in the voices of early rock ’n’ rollers like Elvis Presley or Buddy Holly that conjures up the word “honey.” And whatever it is, D.A. King has it, too. On Find Our Way, the singer-songwriter croons in a way that would’ve made your poodle skirt-wearing grandma swoon 56 years ago. But this isn’t some sock hoppin’ standard. Beneath lies the kind of bluesy guitar licks you’d get out of John Mayer, even Santana. And every track has the morose quality you’ll only find this side of the ’00s. Lyrically, King is unafraid to get deep. On the album’s title track, he asks, Are we just electrons colliding? By no laws abiding? He’s not the first to ponder such a question, but the way he poses it is surely as beautiful as anyone ever could. By the time you’re done, you’ll be as blue as the cover art.