Country swagger comes unexpectedly from a band made up of ex-members of umpteen local punk bands from the ‘70s on (including The Blinders and The Endtables), but then again, curveballs are what this project was all about. Singer Steve Rigot set out to complete a strange and original recording project with this box set. 1069 is a name derived from the street address of Louisville’s first punk house. Many bands — most notably, Babylon Dance Band — played there in the earliest days of the Louisville punk scene, and the place was a haven for anyone who needed a place to have a show in an age where the world was not friendly to local and underground music. This set of 45s (limited to 100 copies) is a loving homage to that house by the people who lived in it, something to play on a rainy day when it’s time to look back. Their slow twang lends itself perfectly to the kind of nostalgia the band is supposed to represent.