Some New Invention

The Genius File

I’m not sure what to make of The Genius File. I like it … I like it a lot. But I’m not sure why it is that I got sucked in. Is it the highly charged vocals that sound like the devil spawn of Roger Waters and Morrissey? Is it the sometimes-brooding and sometimes-joyful keyboard punches? Or could it be the finely textured arrangements that pepper Some New Invention? Perhaps it’s all of it. Perhaps The Genius File have weaved all of these eclectic influences into a wonderfully fluid album that effortlessly tiptoes through genres with no reservations. “Return to Sender” would be at home on mid-’90s modern rock radio, and you can’t help but sway to the dub of “Nothing Doing.” These guys have it all. Funny thing is, I’m still not exactly sure why I love this album.