Comedy: Five important questions with Project Improv

Project Improv, Louisville’s only long-form improv troupe, is gathering up current and former members for an after-Christmas Holiday Show at Zanzabar. After the improv, they’ll be screening the film “Just Another Week,” directed by PI member Dario Konjicija. Also in the mix, we hear, is the Most Creative Facial Hair Contest.


LEO: Do you think Christmas is overrated?

Dario Konjicija: Not at all. Christmas expands my sock collection every year.

Greg Bartlett: I like the idea of peace on Earth and goodwill toward men, not to mention exchanging gifts, so I let Christmas’s rampant commercialization slide.

Melinda Townsend: Overrated? Sure … if you mean we are basically mindless hamsters running on the wheel of consumerism inflating our national debt by hundreds of dollars per minute. Yet I do look forward to my mother’s homemade apple pie.



LEO: When did Baby Jesus jump the shark?

DK: When he became a Southern car ornament. ??

mt: Well, I think it is obvious … do you know of any other person in history who redeems themselves in the form of glowing plastic lawn ornaments? Let us not forget that he is always the center of said display … I mean, really?

Daniel Smith: When he decided to celebrate his birthday on the solstice.



LEO: Who are you most not looking forward to seeing at Christmas dinner?

DK: Ralphie in the “24 Hours of ‘A Christmas Story’” marathon. Sometimes I wish he did shoot his eye out. ??

GB: Axl Rose. My family has some strange Christmas traditions.

mt: I am an only child who is unmarried with a cat. I do not have to sit there with squabbling siblings, spoiled nephews or drunken aunts … so this means I am not looking forward to seeing my mother, who will remind me that a cat is not a grandchild and that I am not growing younger by the minute. Thankfully, there is bourbon.

DS: My mom. Is that terrible? She’s just so damn organized. She schedules her sneezes a week in advance! We’ll be sitting at the dinner table, enjoying ourselves, and she’ll break in with, “OK, quiet everyone. Now, from youngest to oldest, let’s tell the family our favorite three moments of the year … in alphabetic order.”



LEO: Opening presents: delicate or rabid?

DK: If I don’t do it rabid, my mom will reuse the wrapping paper next year.

GB: Wrap presents delicately, unwrap them rabidly, and return them stealthily when necessary.

mt: Why be delicate? Rip that shit up! Be delicate in your facial disappointment when you realize you have yet another decorative holiday sweater.



LEO: If your Snuggie came without the reading light, would you take it back?

GB: The Snuggie people ripped off the Slanket guy. I’m not even supposed to be telling you this.

mt: There is no sense in lying … I would not need the reading light. The fact that I can now hold a baby and stay warm far surpasses any reading I might be doing. I would just re-gift the light anyway.

DS: Can you take a Snuggie back? I thought they came from some magical otherworld. What if you got stuck there?! Actually, that might be nice. A world so comfortable and relaxed that books double as pillows, angry people yell in soft focus, and my mother spontaneously decides to sit back and enjoy a frothy White Russian.

Chris Hartman: If my Snuggie came at all, I’d be concerned.


Project Improv Holiday Show
Sunday, Dec. 27
2100 S. Preston St.
$5; 8-11 p.m.