The Blanket Party EP


This record shouldn’t be listened to via conventional means; rather, it should be played at its own midnight screening, with introduction and commentary from Joe Bob Briggs. In and out in less than 10 minutes, The Blanket Party features four brief slices of Cramps-style gonzo horror punk with all the nuance and subtlety of “Evil Dead II.” The songs are so similar in tone and blitzkrieg attack it’s sometimes hard to tell when one ends and another begins, but the band produces some truly memorable moments, exploring metal dynamics and polemical bomb-throwing on the closer “A Change Ain’t Gonna Come,” and none-too-subtly baiting Nachbar patrons on “Certified Germantown Douchebag Blues.” It’s not always pretty, but you couldn’t be bored by The Blanket Party if you tried — it’s simply too short to ever wear out its welcome.