Heart Soul Mind and Strength

Adrianne Archie

Adrianne Archie has one of the finest voices in the city. Heart Soul Mind & Strength, her third album, gives further evidence that she is ready for the national spotlight. Throughout her 17 tracks, Archie blurs the line between soul and gospel. Church folk, that’s not a bad thing: Her faith is evident in the lyrics, but for those who make an annual (or less frequent) trip to a steepled building, Heart Soul is an hour and change of positive-flavored R&B. Moods range from neo-soul (“Sad,” “Friends”) to club-friendly (“Nothing for Something,” “Go Pop”) to hip-hop (“So I Know,” “Love”). Producer Joel Goodwin tailors the music perfectly to match Archie’s words, and the album flows well for its 78 minutes (“Recession-proof music” is what she called it at her album release party). Deacons might raise an eyebrow at the disco of “All I Need is Love,” but if you look under the pew, their feet are moving, too.