Live at Longshot

Dirty Church Revival

While I can play a little guitar, I am not a musician by any stretch of the imagination. Songwriter, maybe. Musician, absolutely not. I am also not a particularly big fan of blues, save the classics. But I know good playing when I hear it. Dirty Church Revival are not good. They are exceptional, especially in the era of Budweiser commercial blues. Live at Longshot summons the spirits of Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters. That is, if the two bluesmen had discovered pure methamphetamine and heavy distortion. Singer Danny Miller is exquisitely over the top at moments, his voice at times guttural but always pitch perfect. The recording also captures the live feeling spectacularly. You can almost smell the sweat that glues Miller’s shirt to his chest as he howls. The band put the record out themselves, so if you are a local music or blues aficionado, pick up a copy. They need and deserve all the help they can get, as evidenced in these recordings.