12345678 Catalogue


What’s there to say about Kraftwerk? Love ’em or hate ’em, you’re never in for any surprises. Catalogue is a box set that reflects on the career of the originators of an I-can-do-that-myself genre of electronica. You’ve got blipping computers, rapidly syncopated drum machines and ambient sound effects that make up the almost completely instrumental collection. Regardless, this is a retrospective for people who know what to expect from Kraftwerk. While the music here is fairly inconsequential, these guys sure can paint a musical mosaic for your mind to get lost in. Songs like “Radio-Activity” and “Autobahn” show a more raw, jagged edge to the band, while “Computer World” and “Techno Pop” play on their synthesized sensibilities. And hearing the band recreate the eccentric sound collage of “The Model” live is so cool.