The Double Greatest

Brother Doubt

A little-known Southern California punk and hardcore band of the late ’80s and early ’90s went by the name 411. Singer Dan O’Mahony, future Farside guitarist Kevin Murphy and onetime Metroschifter drummer Mario Rubalcaba put their own spin on the genre’s most laudable characteristic: political consciousness. Mahony’s baritone speechifying lent an earnest, albeit quirky, element overtop Murphy’s better-than-average solos, and Rubalcaba knew down tempo wasn’t verboten.

Brother Doubt singer Jamie Miller has a voice distantly related to Mahony’s, and he’s clearly here to inform you, all while drummer Pat Matheny, bassist Mike Giralco, Endpoint alum and current guitarist Lee Fetzer and Bryan Volz thrash and careen through bloodcurdling shouts, wide open hi-hat count-offs, chug rhythms and a shock of current events humor (an intro courtesy of Stephen Colbert). Post-hardcore had a few redeeming qualities, and Brother Doubt wants to make sure they don’t leave the venue.