The Classic Prestige Sessions 1951-1956

Miles Davis & Sonny Rollins

The Concord label has performed a public service for jazz lovers by compiling this budget-priced two-CD set of the 25 songs recorded together by iconic trumpeter Miles Davis and saxophonist Sonny Rollins for the indie jazz label Prestige in the 1950s. Previously scattered over several records, these songs belong together. Ten-inch, long-playing vinyl records were new and freed musicians from the three-minute constrictions of the 78s. Miles and Sonny were able to stretch out in the studio as they did in their live performances, and the excitement is palpable. The 10-minute, loping blues by Miles, “Bluing,” is a great example. Most of the other tunes are his as well; however, a personal favorite is the haunting opening track, “Morpheus,” composed by John Lewis. The sound quality is excellent throughout, especially considering the age of these recordings.