Split EP

Olympia 3/The Parade Schedule

This muscle relaxer positions two rootsy ensembles together for what appears to be a seamless pairing. Collaborative records are always in danger of sounding lopsided, and it’s apparent here that the best songwriting falls on the side of The Parade Schedule, whose compositions are more focused and developed. “Old Skin” floats over a Simon & Garfunkel guitar figure and Airports-era ambience. The singer resembles a de-throttled J. Mascis on “Habits” — if that’s even possible — filling out bassy, baritone undercurrents while a female falsetto floats above. Olympia 3 boast more in their arsenal — accordion, mandolin, etc. — but “Sleeping In” veers too close to emo kids trying to play alt-country, with the atmospheric rain crowding out necessary space.