Profile: William M. Duffy

Just call the man Duffy, if you will. Bored with the limitations of two-dimensional art, Duffy became a sculptor by accident — a car accident, that is. A car had smashed into a marble column at a bank, and Duffy, a bystander, took a piece of the marble back to his studio. Carving and chipping away at the stone, he knew he had found his cause. It’s the tactile surfaces he loves most, he says. “The idea that you can actually reach out and touch the surface and feel the movement of a piece appeals to me more than sitting down at the end of a paintbrush. I enjoy the physical side of creating a work. Being able to pick up the work and look at if from different angles or views.”

More than 30 years later, Duffy’s intricate and inspiring sculptures can be found all over town, and he’s been commissioned by the likes of Brown-Forman, Humana and the Speed Art Museum, to name a few. For more, see