Profile: Roberto de Leon

Ever driven by what looks like a fancy barn on Shelby Street? Walked around Yew Dell Gardens?

Welcome to the designs of Roberto de Leon, 42, and Ross Primmer, 43, of De Leon & Primmer Architecture Workshop. Both attended Harvard School of Design and later decided to open an office together, eventually moving to Louisville in 2002. Their latest project to receive accolades is the headquarters for United Mail.

“This particular image shows a meeting space within their corporate headquarters,” de Leon explains. “It is based on the concept of hand-stacking one material (wood planks) to create a room-within-a-room, and alludes to what the company does — taking bulk mailing materials and pre-assembling it for mass mailing.” They won an American Institute of Architects Kentucky Award for this building in 2008.

Fingers crossed, we’ll be standing in their Big Four Bridge Pavilion in Waterfront Park in the near future.