Profile: Geoff Carr

“My gut” — that’s what Geoff Carr, 55, listens to when he’s looking for a scene to photograph.

“I came across (“Behind the Scenes”) when I was walking around this industrial area,” he says. “I was intrigued with how the surface of the glass created this strong graphic plane … creating a collage of shapes and colors. I was seeing the surface, the reflection behind and the view beyond the glass into the room. I loved the fact that it was created in camera without multiple exposures or some post-production technique employing Photoshop.”

Carr works out of Carr+Waite Studios (221 S. Hancock St.), a space he shares with Caroline Waite, a mixed-media assemblage artist. A good time to see their work is during any First Friday Gallery Trolley Hop, when they clean up the studios (and themselves) to transform the space into a gallery showcasing their work.