Sunset Rubdown

Montrealite Spencer Krug’s latest brainchild, Dragonslayer, is the third full-length collaboration with Camilla Wynne Ingr, Michael Doerksen and Jordan Robson-Cramer, and the first with rhythm-man Mark Nicoi. Krug, perhaps best known as the keyboardist and dueling songwriter of Wolf Parade, is far freer lyrically in Dragonslayer than in Parade’s hooky, anthemic rock. Here, the specter of Bowie’s presence is everywhere: in the self-indulgent mythologizing of “Silver Moons,” in the playful carnivalesque nostalgia of “Apollo and the Buffalo,” and in the boisterous, dramatic, absurd logic of “Black Swan.” Myth and lore are rich in this album, with talk of kings, queens and a dragonslayer, an Icarus and a Cassandra, and a Samson, Delilah and Rapunzel. It’s all connected, with Krug serving as the high priest presiding.