Music writers are certainly the least unbiased of us. When I first picked up this EP and saw the goofy artwork, I got real worried that my mellow would be quickly harshed. I’m happy to report I was wrong — Louisville’s Foor, the new project of scene elder statesman Brian Foor, is strange and funky. Aiming to constantly collaborate with local musicians to change his sound with each release, Foor’s probably an artist to watch. However, the ringmaster has already cultivated a strange carnival of sound on his own through the short duration of this rapid-fire, eight-minute-long EP. Noise punk might be the closest reference point, as the Moog-heavy melodies invoke an art-damaged Stranglers complemented with demented and disjointed shifts. Foor remains hard to categorize, which is the most important aspect in releasing music with mystique. Can’t wait to see what comes next.