Definition of Me


I never learned through the album’s 20 tracks what exactly 2-3 stood for, but I will say that after my 2-3rd listen, I liked what I heard.

On my first spin, I nearly ejected the disc by the fifth song. Most albums get their first spin in the car, and on my short ride home one night, the first handful of cliched, trite and painfully average songs on Definition didn’t do anything for me.

I rolled my eyes as I parked the car, and left the disc in the deck for the next day’s drive. Lo and behold, 2-3 matured overnight. “The Rezzurection” and “Black America” are solid, featuring clever samples and grown-up, interesting topics … I was unconsciously beating on the steering wheel as I drove. The album’s penultimate track “features” Johnny Cash by way of a well-placed “Hurt” sample.

It ain’t perfect by any stretch, and has more than its share of filler and cliché, but I will definitely keep an eye out for his next one.