Walking on a Dream

Empire of the Sun

Welcome to this generic ’80s-ish clothing store at the mall! Lolz! I know! Isn’t this track, like, hella good? It’s by this band called Empire of the Sun. They’re, like, not from here. They live in, like, New Zealand or something (editor’s note: Australia). Yeah, they’re like Flight of the Conchords, only cosmic (editor’s note: and not funny). I shared this track “Walking on a Dream” with my friend Kimber on Facebook, and she totally went Lady Gaga for it. So, when we were going past FYE, I, like, saw the album, and I bought it! The album cover is, like, super spacey. But, when I put it on, I was, like, “Where are all the other good tracks?” Like, “Walking on a Dream” is perfect for my life, you know? It hits me right where I have emotions. But the rest is, like, not funny, lolcats. Oh! Those sparkly tights will look great on you.