Rear View Mirror

Aaron Davis
Yella Dog

Aaron Davis may have recorded the songs on his first full-length solo project where he lives and works in Jackson Hole, Wyo., but this material is born out of growing up in Kentucky, of traveling the interstates, highways, sidestreets and alleys of America and abroad, born out of interacting with the places and people and landscapes he’s encountered.

Rear View Mirror is a shape-shifting hybrid of down-home folk (“For Your Own Good”), groovy funk (“Mystery Woman”), woodshed country (“Still Drinkin’ Your Whiskey”), old-time bluegrass (“Pass It On”) and quirky jazz (“Leavin’ the 9 to 5”). It plots an interwoven tale of work and play, love and loss, and devotion — to family and friends, oneself, lovers and the land. With telescopic power and insight allowing him to peer with clarity into the past, in Davis’s voice there is vision, brought by intense experiences interacting with landscapes, personal and communal. In “Looking Back,” Davis sings, If you’re on the road enough you’re gonna write about wanderlust … and I’m wanderin’ home, in my mind, to you.

Rear View Mirror
is about finding some stillness in a life filled with motion, and the lessons learned from living a life moving forward — even if its eyes are always looking back.