Lady Sovereign

I liked Lady Sovereign. Her debut had a lot of the fun and sarcasm that has been a requirement of British imports of late. Pretty solid production helped her cause, in more ways than were obvious prior to listening to her follow-up, Jigsaw. This is bad. In spite of the live band present on many tracks, production is of the plastic, pseudo-techno vibe of clubbing in 1997. Its biggest sin is turning The Cure’s “Close To Me” into the kind of tripe one hears if they venture too close to Forever 21 on the way to Chik Fil A. It’s difficult to listen to this album and reconcile the interesting qualities of her previous album, if the premise is that major labels often make one do things they don’t wish to do. As this is on her own imprint, this is presumably the album she intended and desired to make, with no interference from tasteless A&Rs and marketing reps. The Lady is not better served on her own. Painful, synth-pop trash.