The Sympathetic Oscillations EP

A Squared Industries

On The Sympathetic Oscillations EP, Thunders distinguish themselves as a cut above the average garage rock outfit by never limiting themselves to the standard tropes of the genre. The group isn’t shy about showing their influences, but the quality of those influences means this trait works in the band’s favor — a little Joy Division here (“Magic Sick”), a lot of White Light/White Heat there (“Gonna Heal Everybody,” “83”). “Somnambulist” is arguably the record’s highlight, an expansive, psychedelic grind that plays a bit like “Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black)” on Nyquil. After this onslaught, the acoustic closer “Letter to the Priest” is a welcome relief, and its sparseness lends yet another wrinkle to the band’s sound. At six tracks, the record is as concise and punchy as you’d expect, and more importantly, it whets the appetite for a full-length.