And then there were three

Big Business adds new member, strategy for record

Looking for a new direction? Add the producer. That’s what happened to Big Business, the twin attack dogs of drummer Coady Willis and bassist-singer Jared Warren. Their newest, Mind The Drift, could be a metaphor for the addition of guitarist Toshi Kasai, or a natural progression for musos looking to expand sound.

Kasai, an old friend and tourmate of Willis and Warren’s, recorded The Melvins’ bonecrusher Nude With Boots, which saw Willis and Warren backing — and updating with brute force — Buzz “King Buzzo” Osborne’s punishing ethic. Kasai’s an alchemist of a guitar player, known for modding, or modifying, his pedals to do basically whatever he wants.

“When we started the band, we never consciously said we had to be a two-piece,” Willis says by phone. “We just didn’t find anybody for a long time.”

Willis and Warren’s noise program has deep roots: Warren’s are in Karp, whose method of mayhem ran from 1990-1998 and saw the band open for Beck at one point. Willis did time in Murder City Devils, who broke up, then reunited for sporadic festival appearances (this year’s Coachella and Sasquatch, to name two).

Kosai adds another voice and perspective to a band that might not have needed one. One listen to Mind The Drift and Kosai’s texture and wizardry sound, at first, like a stunt. As the album progresses, he becomes a necessary organ.

“He plays a lot against Jared,” Willis says. “Plus, he has the vocals going on too. It’s a counterpoint to what the vocals and the bass are doing. He’s into circuit bending … he’s like a weird mad scientist.”

Joining the bill are tourmates Tweakbird.

Big Business

Headliners Music Hall
1386 Lexington Road

Big Business

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