Edgehill Avenue

The spirit of Bruce Springsteen’s epic song “The River” is conjured repeatedly in Edgehill Avenue’s new release. Many of the songs are in minor chords, which I have no problem with; in fact, I prefer the minor key, and Edgehill Avenue pulls it off splendidly. Second track “With These Hands” is as catchy as a Tom Petty hit. The voice of Drew Perkins, lead singer and rhythm guitarist, reminds one of a less affected Steve Earle. Many bands jock Earle to a copycat degree nowadays, but Edgehill seems to put their own spin on the inspiration, mixing story songs with catchy pop dirges of love and loss. There are a few filler tracks, but not many. For example, I could have done without the platitudes of “Just Another Day” and the second version of “Justified,” one meant for radio play. —Jonathan Ashley