No Line on the Horizon


U2 turned to old cohorts Eno and Lanois and practically made ’em auxiliary members. Imagine Achtung, Baby with more orchestral fill, Pop with fewer club-beat backgrounds but lots of multi-voiced mini-sermons. Despite embarrassing missteps, the rigmarole is regularly justified by high-quality songwriting that calls for dense arranging. Occasionally the insistent efforts of all this world-class talent make a keeper from a mostly-good song. There’s no obvious single. Some could-have-beens swallow up their own choruses, but that seems to serve a major strength of this album. The Edge is in good shape, soloing more than usual. Bono sometimes plumbs new depths of ego-wrestling exasperation, but it’s his contributions that make classics out of “Moment of Forever” and the quiet, fragile “White As Snow.”