Games for Slaves

Teenage Panzerkorps

If you can get past the deadpan, can’t-tell-if-they’re-joking German vocals and they-must-be-joking song titles, including tongue-in-cheek gems like “Shopping Blitz” and “Vorantwortungsfreude” (which apparently means something close to “joy of responsibility”), California’s Teenage Panzerkorps — aka Der TPK — might be your new favorite band. Games for Slaves, their second full-length album just released on the resurrected Siltbreeze, shows an uncanny ability to merge a simple yet memorable melodic sense within a neo-post-punk gestalt that is simultaneously retro and futuristic. Der TPK’s Teutonic leanings add an extra layer of cold, ironic detachment that “new wave” revivalist jokers like Interpol and their ilk could only hope to achieve. Which is the point as, after all, the word “gift” translates from German to English as “poison.” —Joel Hunt