Who R U Rappers?????: Mixtape Vol. 3

D. Mawl

D. Mawl is already back with a new mixtape and single. His style of hip-hop is vastly under-represented nowadays. It’s “conscious” without wearing that label as a marketing tool. It’s danceable and unflinching in dealing with issues that often have you hitting the “back” button on some “did he really say that?” steez. Case(s) in point: “It Must Be Nice” indicts televangelists preying on the poor (and religious); “Divine Flesh” couples everyone’s three favorite words (“I love you”) with the three scariest letters (HIV) to shocking results. The proselytizing becomes a bit excessive in the middle third, but don’t let that take away from the enjoyment of the music or the positive message within. “All Over The Place” asks the question: “What would the world be like without black people?” and is fantastic — education with a groove.