The Complicated Futility/A Quick Fix for A Horrible Dilemma


Digby has largely and unfairly gone unnoticed outside the region. The band’s evocative sound recalls ’90s alt-rock with a concise, brooding precision I often long for.

These EPs are two sides of the same coin. Complicated shows off the playful side of the band as it swirls and shifts effortlessly between mid-tempo ballads and upbeat rockers. “Six Pints” talks of anguish and failure, building to an indulgent finale.

A Quick Fix is packed with heartbreak and angst. “Sonar” is jarring in its straightforward lyrics and unwavering honesty, while “Let It Go” suffers slightly from some unnecessary studio tricks. “John’s Sad Song” is meant to be heard at 4 a.m., after the cigarettes have been crushed out and a bottle of pinot wrung dry. Digby play March 7 at Phoenix Hill Tavern (644 Baxter Ave.).