Livin’ In The Past


Relic fast-forward that quintessential, old-time high lonesome sound into the present. Their greatest strength is in the alchemy between crisp, striking instrumentation and the harmonic marriage of lead, baritone and tenor vocals. This album includes originals primarily written by Aaron Bibelhauser, and a rendition of John Fogerty’s “Lookin’ Out My Back Door.” At their best, in songs like the title track, Bibelhauser’s lyrics transform past to present to future in real-time photographic quality. They update standards, the gospel ballad and offer impressive, unique covers of Johnny Cash’s “All Over Again” and Leroy Van Dyke’s “Auctioneer.” The latter showcases Adam Bibelhauser’s vocal talents so impressively that if this music thing doesn’t work out, a second career is surely in the making. See Relic Wednesdays at The Monkey Wrench.