What a Week

The city's weekly zeitgeist radar

A handful of atheists are outraged that state law requires the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security to acknowledge “Almighty God as being vital to the security of the Commonwealth.” Apparently, a Bible-thumping state lawmaker slipped the line into a piece of 2006 legislation. On Tuesday, a group of 10 atheists from across Kentucky filed suit in Franklin Circuit Court, but in addition to asking that the law be changed, they are seeking monetary damages, claiming to have suffered mental pain, anguish and sleep deprivation. Oh, good God.

It looks like the electricity-consuming public might have to cover the cost of restoring power in the wake of a windstorm that battered the city in September. Louisville Gas & Electric plans to ask the Kentucky Public Service Commission to OK a rate increase that would help the utility recoup more than $35 million spent repairing power lines after Mother Nature bitch-slapped the region. The hike would tack about 75 cents onto monthly bills for the next five years.
The city is in the process of finishing its first green roof on a government building. The roof of the Economic Development building at 444 S. Fourth St. soon will be home more than 10,000 plants, which will reduce energy consumption and storm water runoff. The cost of going green: $420,000.

The spirit of Thanksgiving was not enough (nor was the law) to deter an alarming number of Louisvillians from committing murder during the past week and a half. As of press time Tuesday, Metro Police were investigating seven murders committed since Nov. 22. Of those homicides, six victims were shot to death, and it appears one man was stabbed and beaten before being shoved into the trunk of his car.

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