Anna Shepherd

Anna Shepherd

The self-titled debut from Bardstown singer-songwriter Anna Shepherd is a perfectly executed EP. This collection is direct and enticing, and it becomes obvious that she has weeded out any filler that can often make such a casually paced album drag. Throughout, Shepherd tips her hand as to what exactly she might have in store but never gives away too much at one time.

On the slower, piano-driven tracks “Wrong Side of Town” and “Kiss a Cloud,” her voice is a reminder that romance can be found anywhere, even on the wrong side of heartbreak. She has a good grasp on her own limitations, and that can be vital for longevity. Her voice is naturally suited to ballads, but she stretches without overreaching her natural parameters. The three remaining songs here can hardly be called rockers (although the guitar riff on “Mending” might allude to an inner rocker), mostly sticking mid-tempo. It’s these songs that bleed sensuality as she wraps her voice around a melody like a snake in the canopy. Shepherd is a capable artist and songsmith who has offered an inspired foundation on which she can build something beautiful.