Wrecking Ball

Dead Confederate

With a name like Dead Confederate, you might expect to hear a southern rock-influenced band. This album is that and more. Combined with a certain mournful, hot-tempered sound, these rockers from Georgia fall somewhere in between indie and alt-country.

Nearly every track hits you with an instant raucous energy, penetrating guitar and drum lines, and strong vocals that will have you remembering the squeal of Cobain and driving chords from the days of grunge.

Most of the album is mapped out as a mellow and pained reverie that shifts into a catchy upbeat roar of noise. The back-and-forth movement of energy is refreshing and, also, exhausting. Each track is creative, though at times, I had to glance at the track list and check that I was not listening to the same song repeat itself. So while there may have been a less than stellar effort to keep the content of each track varied and fresh, the album as a whole shows promise.

This borderline between a tiring rowdy mess and an edgy engaging endeavor gives way to an overall enjoyable ride for most and especially to those who sported a flannel back in the nineties or still do.

See them Nov. 30 at the Southgate House in Newport, Ky.