The City's Weekly Zeitgeist Radar

Two good ol’ boys are “extremely sorry” for hanging an effigy of Barack Obama from a tree at the University of Kentucky. UK student Joe Fischer, 22, and his buddy Hunter Bush, 21, were arrested for the prank, which has done a lot to boost the Bluegrass state’s reputation as a haven for bigots. Despite being real sorry, the pair has pleaded not guilty.


Metro Councilman Ken Fleming, R-7, recently introduced an ordinance to improve the Metro Ethics Commission, making it a body that actually ensures the city is taking care of business ethically. The Republican also wants to give the council the authority to appoint half the commission, rather than allowing the mayor to handpick all members. But a handful of council Democrats gutted the seemingly reasonable proposal, apparently preferring to keep the ineffectual commission idle. Fleming plans to keep trying and is expected to submit the ordinance again Thursday.


Speaking of ethics, a citizen filed a complaint with the Judicial Conduct Commission last week accusing district court judge candidate Katie King (perhaps Judge Katie as of today) of unethical campaigning. The complaint suggests the candidate’s father, Metro Council President Jim King, inappropriately used his powerful government position in campaigning for his daughter.


Is your marriage falling apart? Are you struggling to stave off foreclosure, bankruptcy or worse, death? Then the Legal Aid Society wants to help make this sucky time in your life a little better by offering free clinics on how to fill out divorce papers, draft a will and fight to keep the bank from taking your home. The clinics are open to low-income individuals throughout November and December. 

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