What a Week

The city's weekly zeitgeist radar


Holding out hope that Louisville might eventually embrace public transit, two local nonprofits carted elected officials to Elizabethtown and back via train Saturday afternoon. The Coalition for the Advancement of Regional Transportation and Kentucky-Indiana Rail Advocates hosted the field trip to spark enthusiasm for building a commuter line along existing tracks between Louisville and Fort Knox, an endeavor that would cost up to $75 million. Choo choo enthusiast and Metro Council President Jim King, D-10, rode the rails, as did fellow council members and politicians from nearby counties.


The icky pictures of genitalia that (I’ve heard) have long graced the pages of Craigslist might soon be a thing of the past thanks to Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway and dozens of other AGs nationwide. The AGs convinced operators of the site to require those advertising adult services to list a working phone number and pay a fee. The site also plans to block inappropriate images that should be restricted to Penthouse and anatomy books.


After swearing off Cards football-bashing early in the season, it’s time to renege on that promise in light of last Saturday’s game. A string of turnovers, flailing offense and generally crappy quarterbacking resulted in U of L losing to Pitt 41-7. Sweet Jesus, just hold onto the ball! Making matters worse, Coach Kragthorpe inexplicably told media: “We’re getting closer to where we want to be.”


In an effort to be the most creative, bike-friendly and all-around hippest city in the South (or Midwest, for those who incorrectly believe that’s where we’re located), downtown Louisville is slated to add 10 new artistic bike racks to its collection. Currently, there are 21 artsy racks and three eye-catching benches, courtesy of the Louisville Downtown Management District and, of course, the local artists who created them.

World Classness: +5