WEB ONLY: LEO’s 2008 Election Day coverage

Get hope or die tryin'

What better way to spend your Election Day than at Fat Lip, LEO Weekly’s news blog, where our team of reporters/partiers will bring you live coverage all day and night from polling places across the Metro, the classy(ish) high-profile candidate soirees downtown, swill-fests where relative degenerates congregate to engage the victory/chug away the pain, and the not-as-boring-as-it-sounds Board of Elections?

The high points:

• Staff writer Phillip M. Bailey will spend sunup to sundown tracking the vote, visiting polling places, riding along with runners taking voters to the polls and generally keeping his eye on the funny business. Later, he’ll be covering the GOP shindig at the Galt House.

• News Editor Sarah Kelley will throw down with the Democrats at the Marriott — if things go as the pollsters say, that should be the best ticket of the night.

• Bar Belle Sara Havens will party-hop along, starting downtown and winding up in the infinitely liberal Highlands, where she’ll challenge Drinking Liberally (and others) to Obama her under the table.

• Editor Stephen George will dig the returns with the fine folks at the Board of Elections, whose biggest job will be to not screw this thing up.  

Remember, keep it dialed into Fat Lip all Election Day for the most detailed, original and flat-out entertaining coverage in the ‘Ville. Oh, and we love you.