First listen: “Am I in a nursing home? Everyone’s wearing white gowns. Oh, there’s a bunco game. Whatever happened to that gal, the one with the walker and the fake leg? I liked her.”

Second listen: “Who knew a morphine drip could be this good? This is the speed everyone’s inner self should run at; addiction be damned!”

Third listen: “Me and my fake-legged sweetheart high-tail it — as fast as septuagenarians can — outta dodge, steal the head nurse’s decrepit Ford Focus, and shove off to the nearest seaside. The fog is thick, but we can see a cliff drop-off on the left-hand side. Surely we’ll wreck this can of oil and bolts if we can’t keep the wheel straight. It’s a good thing she’s driving.”

Fourth listen: “Treading against an ocean current is hard on the joints. How do those triathletes do it? Must be steroids. Wait, was that a shark?”