What a Week


Note to my future children: Please don’t place me in a Kentucky nursing home (or any nursing home for that matter). The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recently found deficiencies in nearly 88 percent of the state’s nursing homes. Sadly, that’s lower than the national average of 91 percent. Problems uncovered range from failing to treat bedsores to distributing the wrong medication.


It looks like those greedy gas gods might have to pay for overcharging customers in Louisville, where fuel was an average of 26 cents higher per gallon than in nearby cities earlier this year. Two Metro Council members leaked news last week that state Attorney General Jack Conway might impose fines — ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 — on those guilty of gas gouging. Conway launched an investigation in August focusing predominately on Marathon Oil, the city’s top fuel supplier.


A larger than expected number of Kentucky voters are actually paying attention (or at least aren’t in a coma): A recent Courier-Journal Bluegrass Poll reveals only 36 percent of voters in the state think Sarah Palin is more qualified to lead than her Democratic counterpart, Sen. Joe Biden. Given McCain leads Obama in Kentucky 53-41 percent, according to the poll, that’s an unexpected surprise. (Someone might want to check the collective pulse of that 36 percent … or at least tell them to tune in to “Saturday Night Live”).


The U of L football team called it a game in the fourth quarter last Friday, losing to UConn 26-21. Granted quarterback Hunter Cantwell heroically limped along the field with a sprained ankle, but come on! The good news: 52 days and counting until the start of basketball season. 

World-classness: -6