One-stop noshing

Stuff your face at buffets

Frugality is a virtue, and whoever created the first buffet probably knew this. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, the buffet represents a streamlined dining experience. Anyone who can use utensils surely can pick what to consume. With the help of Robin Garr’s Louisville Hotbytes, a few of the Metro’s finest buffets follow. Read it and eat:


Thai Taste
1977 Brownsboro Road • 897-7682 • $6.99 Monday-Friday
Thai food doesn’t waste any time firing up your taste buds, and the 6-year-old Thai Taste, just a stone’s throw from Dirty Kroger, proves the point. Owner Malai Nuangkhama and her son Thon, hailing from Bangkok in central Thailand, trade in two different kinds of curry on their buffet. Tilapia fish steak and veggie spring rolls provide a complement to the curry fare — the main course here — and the hot sauce is a must for fans of spicy cuisine. Wary of the heat? Don’t sweat it; the vegetable-and-egg side neutralizes the kick.


Sari Sari
2339 Frankfort Ave. • 894-0585 • $12.95 Fridays (beginning at 6 p.m.)
In Crescent Hill, Louisville’s only Filipino buffet kicks off the weekend with a surefire combo. Straight from the Asian subcontinent, Sari Sari’s cuisine melds Chinese, Spanish, Indian and Malaysian influences into a Byzantine mix of flavors, with all the craftsmanship you’d expect from a small but vital culinary locale.


1285 Bardstown Road • 473-8765
It’s a cryin’ shame we don’t have a sister city in India, given the breadth of Indian buffets here. Kashmir, across from Mid-City Mall and next to Ramsi’s, contributes much to the eclectic dining scene on Bardstown Road. It’s also great for quelling a persistent, annoying hangover.


4742 Bardstown Road • 491-7412 • $6.99 weekdays, $7.99 Friday-Sunday
The daily lunch buffet may be one of the city’s best bargains. An all-you-can-eat array of Indian dishes goes for $6.99 plus tax on weekdays; $7.99 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In addition to the buffet, servers keep you supplied with steady surprises, from potato-stuffed masala dosa lentil pancakes to a fetching, tangy, buttermilk-yogurt drink.


1702 Bardstown Road • 473-8889 • $7.99 Monday-Friday
Use the LEO coupons, people! A dollar off means more chicken tiki masala, more naan and the sweetest tea this side of the Masters Golf Tournament. It’s like they knew they were in the South or something.


1820 S. Hurstbourne Pkwy. • 493-8899 • $7.99 Monday-Friday, $8.99 Saturday-Sunday
With its waitstaff clad in white shirts and black slacks, this East End staple feels all business, because it is. You’ll find chicken tandoori seated on a pedestal of onions, and the vegetarian buffet means you can respect your animal-friendly leanings.


India Palace
9424 Shelbyville Road • 394-0490
India Palace features at least a dozen main-course items, about equally divided between vegetarian and meat dishes, a small salad bar, rice and naan and assorted Indian desserts.

Bristol Bar & Grille
4 locations • • $13.99 Sundays
After 30 years, not much has changed about Bristol’s Sunday Brunch. Eggs. Bacon. French Toast. Awesome. The only thing they could do differently is tune up a TV with NFL football. Times vary at each location — some buffets run from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., some 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. — so visit the website for more information.


140 N. Fourth St. • 568-4239 • $21.95 Sunday (10 a.m.-3 p.m.)
Don’t succumb to sticker shock quite yet. One of the city’s newest buffets opened atop the Galt House and is a guaranteed gut-buster. This buffet includes an omelet, waffle and dessert station, and a chocolate fountain into which you can dip your fresh fruit. Plus the usuals: eggs, bacon, meats ranging from pork to beef and chicken. Reservations not necessary but encouraged.