New Bootsie

Bootsie Anne takes a respite from the world of fashion to open for rising star Ben Sollee. In case you were wondering, she's nervous.

Laura Patterson, aka Bootsie Anne, calls clothing her primary passion, but is as creative a singer and ukulele player as you’ll find around here. It’s a craft she doesn’t take lightly, and her show with Ben Sollee Saturday at The 930 Listening Room (930 Mary St., 635-2554) will be the first time she’s played out in more than a year.

“I think the last time I played, I said I was never gonna do it again,” Patterson says. “But Ben is a real sweet guy, and it just sounded like it might be fun. I really like him, and I thought it would be a fun, no-pressure situation. My mom, and all those people, my friends and stuff, have been begging me to play the ukulele for them.”

Demands aside, Bootsie insists the show is a onetime thing. Maybe. “For now, maybe in another year and a half, I’ll come play again,” she says. “It’s extremely nerve-wracking for me; it’s horrifying.”

Doors open at 7 p.m., and tickets for the all-ages show are $10. They’re on sale at ear X-tacy and at