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Thanks for reading the online edition of LEO Weekly. We are, of course, obliged. Here are some things:

If you are a candidate mentioned in this issue, or perhaps one who was only listed as being on the ballot, and you’d like to profess concern about something herein, please write to [email protected] in a timely manner and we’ll get your letter (250 words max) in before Election Day. (N.B. We will not entertain direct attacks on your opponent(s), nor will we allow anything we determine to be scurrilous, such as vague suggestions that your opponent(s) ha(s)(ve) any illegitimate children, a drug problem, some sexual inconvenience or mental instability, unless these things are fully documented in an official way.)

Also, we’d like to take this opportunity to direct you to our website,, which has of late been completely overhauled so that we may now comfortably be part of this tech generation. There you will find new features, content specifically for the web and daily updates to our venerable blogs, including Fat Lip, our news blog, where we cover much of the stuff you’re about to read in this issue, except in shorter, more frequent bursts. There you will also find a gloriously updated version of our calendar of events, so that you may use to determine your social plans as well as your ballot-box persuasions.