How about a heaping helping of gay bashing with that Big Mac? That’s what the McDonald’s on East Market Street served up on July 26, when an employee repeatedly called two customers “faggots.” When they reported the slurs, the manager apparently didn’t see what the big deal was. The ACLU has filed a complaint with the Metro Human Relations Commission on behalf of the men, who want an apology, disciplinary action and their money back. 


The annual IdeaFestival is in town once again, making the moniker “Possibility City” somewhat acceptable, if only for a few days. Starting Thursday, the three-day festival will attract droves of thinkers discussing topics ranging from how to design a top-notch crossword puzzle to the physics behind NASCAR (apparently there’s more to it than turning left).


Louisvillians managed to peacefully co-exist without electricity last week, but one thing became clear — the city is teeming with clueless drivers. So here’s a quick refresher in dealing with non-functioning stoplights: such intersections function as four-way stops. Got it? That doesn’t mean drivers can simply yield without stopping, or that cars can pass through the intersection in clusters, oblivious to the blaring horns and middle fingers aimed at them.


Local art lovers (and those just in it for the free booze) can breathe a sigh of relief: TARC will continue offering Friday night trolley service to art galleries on Market Street and Frankfort Avenue. The Federal Transit Administration ruled last week that the free monthly trolley hop is not a charter service, and therefore private transportation firms don’t have a right to bid for the business. So catch a free ride this Friday, throw back a glass of wine and maybe buy some art for a change.

World-classness: +2