What a Week


The good news: Kentucky offers state health insurance for low-income children of working parents. The bad news: Tens of thousands of eligible kids aren’t enrolled in the program. Kentucky Voices for Health — a coalition of advocacy groups — estimates more than 60,000 children who should receive coverage are going without due to a tricky application. The coalition is urging the state to streamline the process by removing the red tape (good luck with that).


Everyone loves free shit, right? That must explain why the Kentucky State Fair is so damn popular. Apparently the fair is offering all sorts of freebies this year, ranging from eye exams and school supplies to coffee and chocolate fudge. In addition to racking up gratis goodies, fairgoers can take in the many sights: magnificent mullets, heavyweight squash, cute pigs and possibly even the world’s smallest woman.


It turns out the region’s premier squirrel utopia is right here in Louisville, and soon it will be open to the public. Metro Parks partnered with the Kentucky Division of Forestry to buy the largest walnut plantation this side of the Mississippi. The city shelled out nearly $1 million in conservation fund dollars and donations to acquire the 98-acre walnut farm along Taylorsville Road. But visitors will have to wait at least a few more months to visit. Insert token pun here: Ah, nuts!


Just two hours before 230 employees were scheduled to walk off the manufacturing line for the last time, Ford Motor Co. called off plans for the additional job cuts at its Kentucky Truck Plant. The line-workers — tasked with assembling and painting the company’s big-ass pick-ups — welcomed the good (albeit annoyingly last-minute) news.

World-classness: +6