Message to the People – Nothing is inevitable: How’s McCain doing it?

I’ve been accused of having an intellectual “God complex.” Some folks think I believe I’m smarter than everybody else. Well, that’s not totally untrue. I do know more than most people. I am a really freaking smart guy. I’m no god though. As Rush says, I just have “talent on loan from God.” My readers feel me because the Message to the People only attracts other intellectual titans.

We’re smarter than most people, simply because we value intelligence. We work at it, that’s all. We think smart women are sexy. We think uber-intelligence is manly. Message brothers and sisters are curious about the world. We’re eclectic, radical-ass troublemakers who do a bit of everything. We watch sci-fi and read comics, but also peep the History Channel and read high-level political nonfiction. We dig the Superfriends on Boomerang and then check out the political happenings of the day on CNN, MSNBC and Fox (yeah, we keep tabs on them, too).

We might go out and get our drink on with our boys and girls, and then write scholarly articles and op-eds. We hoop and then write books. We might hit the gym to lift and bump some Chili Peppers and Lil’ Wayne. Then we go home in the evening, freshen up and sing a little Sam Cooke and Andrea Bocelli to our sweethearts (yeah, in English and Italian). We rock Elvis and Marley. We read Durkheim and DuBois. We pen political missives and passionate love letters. 

We can make you go to the dictionary when we drop a word like “epistemology” and make you laugh when we explain it. “Normal people” love Message-reader types, but they don’t want to. We’re the ish! That’s why we meet here once a month. We need the camaraderie in the midst of all this intellectual mediocrity. Damn! I love ya’ll, man!

That’s why, from time to time, I have to come to the Message readers for instruction. Because even with all my talent, there are some things I don’t know. Depressing. The latest baffling, dumbfounding question to befall the good ol’ Bastard out of Georgia is: How the hell is John McCain polling so close to Barack Obama?

As the Democrats prepared to take their act to Denver last week, a George Washington University Battleground poll had McCain leading Obama 47 to 46 percent. Obama led the same poll 49 to 47 percent in May. A Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll gave Obama a slim lead of 45 to 43 percent. In June, Obama led this poll by 12 points. A Quinnipiac University poll released the same day also showed Obama’s national lead over McCain slipping — he led 47 to 42 percent, down from 50 to 41 percent a month ago.

Of course, some people say polls don’t matter. OK, whatever. Strangely, many of these same people are usually pretty cool with the polls when their candidate is ahead in them. Either way, it would seem that some Obama supporters may have jumped the gun. For all of you who already have Sen. Obama’s hand raised taking the oath of office in January, hold on a second. I’m sure Hillary would tell you “Nothing is inevitable.” 

It’s not inevitable, but it should be. I mean, really? John McCain is a freakin’ Republican! Anybody remember the Republican track record from the last few years? This is the party of scandal. This is the party that outed Valerie Plame. This is the party of Iraq, Jack Abramoff, Randy “Duke” Cunningham and Tom Delay. Anybody remember these guys? This is the party of Scooter Libby, Bob Ney, George Allen and Mark Foley. This is the party of Larry Craig and Jack Ryan. This is the party of gangsters. Baby-eating Dick Cheney actually shot a man and made him apologize for getting shot. Karl Rove is still on the run. This party is Bush. Dubya. RICO. ’Nuff said.

I have my issues with Obama, but damn! Write me, dear readers. Help me. Write me and write LEO Weekly. Let us know your thoughts on how the hell a candidate from a party with such a damaged brand is even close in this thing. Whew! Somebody give me a drink!

Remember, until next time — have no fear, stay strong, stand on truth, do justice and do not leave the people in the hands of fools. 

Dr. Ricky L. Jones is associate professor of Pan-African Studies at U of L and author of “What’s Wrong with Obamamania?” Visit him at