What a Week


Some Oldham County residents were invited to join an exclusive club last week, and it wasn’t Kiwanis: It seems some sly hate-mongers inserted racist propaganda into copies of the weekly Oldham County Era, stating, “If you are reading this you are in Klan Country. Join and support the Ku Klux Klan.” Oldham Era publisher Julia Nelson Satterly says she is trying to find the source. No one is certain when the Klan learned to Xerox. 


It looks like Kentucky’s youth have no choice but to laze about this summer, idle and penniless. That is, unless the kids are entrepreneurs. As record-low job rates plague the nation, Kentucky has experienced a 10.5-percent drop in teen employment since 2000, and that number continues to decrease. But get this: Indiana is even worse, with the nation’s second-highest decline — yet another reason for a downtown bridge. 


One of Louisville’s largest employers, General Electric, announced plans Friday to develop a spin-off company for its appliance division. The news was welcome after GE officials said in May that they were looking to get out of the appliance biz. Mayor Jerry Abramson and Gov. Steve Beshear are stoked.


Metro Councilman Doug Hawkins, R-25, watched his attempt to get a proposed storage facility for low-grade munitions off South Louisville’s Cardinal Hill fall back into committee last week, essentially a political failure for the man who keeps calling this “bomb storage,” despite reams of information to the contrary. Jim McGovern, senior staffer for Mayor Abramson, told the council’s committee of the whole that the administration would outline its selection process once more, but that no new site would be considered. 

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